Biogas components

Membranes, supporting constructions, blowers, pressure safety devices, leak-detection membranes and nonwovens for your biogas plant.

The components incorporated in HUESKER systems designed for biogas plants are also individually available.

The range includes membranes, PVA supporting strap constructions, supporting air blowers, pressure safety devices as well as membranes and nonwovens with leak detection system.


  • Membranes manufactured from polyester woven fabric, PVC-coated on both sides, with a minimum weight of 27 oz/yd² (900 g/m²) and a minimum tear resistance of 900 lbs. per 2 in. (4,000 N per 5 cm)
  • Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) supporting strap construction
  • Supporting air blower
  • Pressure safety device protects against dangerous pressure surges
  • Optional, custom-manufactured membranes and nonwovens with leak detection system

Why choose HUESKER biogas components?

Apart from offering high tear resistance, the membranes are also finished with a special protective coating. They combine low gas permeability with extremely high UV stability.

The HUESKER-developed PVA supporting strap assembly offers significantly higher tensile strength and flexibility than standard polyester supporting constructions. It also excels by its long service life.

The full range of system components, including central column, supporting strap construction, air blower, gas level indicator and pressure safety device, is automatically supplied when you purchase a COVERTEC double membrane cover.