COVERTEC concrete protection lining

COVERTEC concrete protection linings guard biogas fermenters against acid attack.

The aggressive acids, e.g. sulphuric acid, released by the fermentation substrate in the primary and secondary fermenters of a biogas plant can severely damage the acid-sensitive concrete tank. This may cause the entire tank interior to deteriorate and become unfit for use within only a few years.

The COVERTEC concrete protection system, including tank linings and leakage detectors, protect the concrete walls and base against damage, particularly in the gas formation zone. Even existing fermentation tanks can be retrofitted with the protective lining to prevent or remedy initial damage.


  • Extremely robust and hardwearing
  • Highly resistant to typical acid concentrations during fermentation
  • Straightforward installation
  • Ready for immediate use, without any waiting times

Why choose COVERTEC concrete protection linings?

COVERTEC concrete protection linings offer simple, effective and durable protection against the aggressive acids produced during fermentation. They guard the concrete walls and base of fermenters against acid damage. The easy-to-install protective membranes obviate the need for the laborious, normally multi-coat application of liquid formulations that necessitate long waiting times.