COVERTEC manure lagoons

Manure lagoons and membrane-lined pits for outdoor storage of liquids and semi-solids.

As full-service provider of textile system solutions for agriculture, HUESKER also offers the COVERTEC manure lagoons and membrane-lined pits as a separate product line. These can be used to store a wide range of fluids – from liquid manure and biogas plant digestate to waste water, firefighting water, rainwater, process water and leachate.

The system comprises two fabric-reinforced membranes separated by a nonwoven drainage layer that forms part of the leak detection system.


  • Fabric-reinforced membranes
  • Nonwoven drainage layer with leak detection system
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Optional: single-skin, with or without floating cover

Why choose COVERTEC manure lagoons?

COVERTEC manure lagoons are a well-established, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications. Given their high safety standards, based on the double-skin assembly with leak detection system, planning permission is usually easy to obtain. The use of high-grade, officially approved materials and the incorporation of a cover not only ensure low emissions, but often represent the prime solution for liquid storage.