FLEXCOVER Flexible cargo securing

FLEXCOVER cargo securing is the perfect solution for protecting your cargo during transportation. High-quality components and an optimally tuned engine system ensure a long service life.
Due to its flexible design the FLEXCOVER can be mounted on almost all types of trailers.
Thanks to the oil engine-based system it can be easily connected to most agricultural tractors. Available standard connections and control elements can be used without having to modify the electronic components of the tractor.


  • Flexible system design
  • Can be easily adapted to variable trailer heights
  • Perfect for retrofitting available trailers
  • Also suitable for assembly ex works
  • The system is guided above the tailgate
  • The oil engine ensures easy coupling to the tractor unit

Why choose FLEXCOVER for securing cargo?

The FLEXCOVER cargo securing product is characterised by its flexibility, compact design as well as an oil engine-based drive. Its adjustable swivel arms allow the system to be adapted to attachments for extending the load volume without having to reassemble.

Its compact design ensures that the trailer dimensions are not exceeded or extended when the system is mounted.