VENTITEC® High-Volume Fans

Efficient air distribution by high-volume fans.

The VENTITEC® high-volume fan from HUESKER’s Light and Air range helps to maintain a pleasant, cool environment in dairy barns. Alongside the intelligent LUBRATEC® wind protection/ventilation systems and SKYTEX® light ridges, the high-volume fan plays a key role in optimizing the indoor environment of livestock houses.

External heat is the number-one stress factor for dairy cows given the additional 18,956 – 56,870 BTU (20-60 MJ) of thermal energy per day generated by their own metabolic processes. Extra-large fans in livestock houses ensure uniform air distribution by drawing in warm air from above the fan and pushing this downwards and outwards in a broad cone. This allows the introduction of fresh outdoor air, which is then circulated across the entire dairy barn.

Bildunterschrift: Air circulation induced by high-volume fan


  • Available in two sizes: 24 ft (7.32 m) 16 ft and (4.88 m) in diameter
  • Lightweight, tapered and twisted aluminium blades
  • Air circulation across radius of up to 85 ft 4 in (26 m)
  • Extruded, precision-milled aluminium hubs and bolts
  • Compliance with highest safety standards
  • Multiple fans regulated by intelligent control system

Why choose VENTITEC® fans?

Our VENTITEC® fans require several times less energy than standard equipment, making them much more economical to run. The high-volume fans also offer superior performance while being exceptionally quiet in operation. Other key merits include their long service life and lack of any need for regular maintenance.