Coastal Engineering

The Coastal Engineering segment focuses on the following application areas


Groynes are protective embankments or wall-like structures installed perpendicular to the line of the shore or beach. They limit the movement of sediment along the coastline (longshore drift). As an alternative to the standard construction method, embankment-type groynes can be built using various HUESKER products as components or structural elements. Project specific solutions can be developed by HUESKER’s engineers based on the company’s comprehensive product portfolio. Key components include Ultimat® filter nonwovens, SoilTain® tubes and sand bags, and Incomat® concrete mattresses.


Breakwaters are protective structures running parallel to the shoreline that are normally built from armour stone or concrete facing units. Here too, a wide range of HUESKER products can be used as components or structural elements; e.g. SoilTain® tubes as the breakwater core or Ultimat® nonwovens as a filter layer in place of mineral filters.


For coastal revetments, Ultimat® filter nonwovens are commonly used as filter and separating layers in place of mineral filters. This not only reduces the filter layer thickness and thus the material requirement, but also simplifies installation.

Artificial islands

Artificial islands can be built off shore or on mudflats to assist in land reclamation, protect the shoreline or improve ecological quality. SoilTain® tubes, containers and sand bags offer an efficient means of constructing the perimeter dikes. Other HUESKER products used in earthworks and foundations, e.g. Comtrac® reinforcement fabric, as well as Ultimat® filter nonwovens have also proved suitable for this type of application.

Dams and dikes

Dams and dikes are used to protect coastal areas against storm surges and flooding. An economical alternative to conventional clay liners is offered by the geosynthetic product Tektoseal®. In developing optimised reinforcement solutions for the base of dams and dikes, HUESKER is able to capitalize on the experience and products of the Earthworks and Foundations business area.

Land reclamation

SoilTain® tubes, containers and sand bags offer an efficient means of constructing the perimeter dikes for land reclamation schemes. As an added benefit, this solution frequently permits the use of locally sourced soils as fill, thereby eliminating the need for the costly bulk transportation of materials.