Landfill Construction

The Landfill Construction segment offers products (e.g. Tektoseal® RL-N, Fortrac® T) that have been officially approved by LAGA (Waste Working Group of German Federal and State Governments) and the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing as meeting stringent environmental and safety requirements, within Germany.

The substitution of geosynthetics for mineral components such as clay liners or drainage gravel enables HUESKER to offer a range of economic alternatives. At the same time, these solutions can comply with the relevant statutory requirements.

Contaminated sites

Pollution containment is a key aim in the treatment of contaminated sites, where the focus is on preventing the spread – via air, soil or water – of pollutants that pose a risk for humans and the environment. HUESKER’s engineers partner customers in developing state-of-the-art lining concepts that are geared to meet specific problems. As the key system component in this segment, the Tektoseal® bentonite mat ensures permanent encapsulation of the contaminated area. Where necessary, additional provision can be made for soil stabilization measures.

Bottom lining systems

Both new landfill sites and extensions to existing facilities require the installation of special bottom lining systems. The key requirement – to protect the uncontaminated subgrade and groundwater – can be met through the use of our Ultimat® nonwoven geotextiles. Apart from serving as a protective layer for polymer membranes, they also double up as a separating and filter layer between different mineral strata. Our Tektoseal® geosynthetic clay liners can also enhance the sealing performance of the geological barrier or any mineral clay liner.

Cover lining systems

HUESKER’s cover lining systems are the key to the successful re-naturalization of landfill sites. Resource-efficient solutions are achieved through the substitution of drainage mats for mineral drainage layers and (Tektoseal®) geosynthetic clay liners for conventional mineral clay liners. This economical, eco-friendly construction method also shortens construction times while reducing overall costs. Moreover, Fortrac® geogrids can be used to stabilize steeper slope sections (with gradients greater than 1:3) and prevent soil slip.