Light and Air

Side ventilation systems

The LUBRATEC® side ventilation systems mainly feature “top opening” and “bottom opening” roll-up assemblies. Variants with a central roller are also available for larger opening heights. The greatest flexibility in terms of opening position is offered by the “top and bottom opening – central roller” model, for which a shading setting is also available on request. All systems can be fitted with sensors.

Light ridges

The 13-23 ft (4-7 m) wide SKYTEX® light ridge openings maximize the daylighting of livestock houses, though without additional heat gains. A special two-ply sheet with an external mesh structure and internal membrane guarantees utmost stability and optimum light diffusion. Light on the interior and dark on the exterior, the ridge blends harmoniously into its setting. High wind deflectors and large openings ensure constant air extraction. Moreover, the stable round-arch construction is capable of withstanding extremely high structural loads.

Wide-area fans

Housing your precious livestock in stress-free conditions is essential for maximizing milk yield. Heat is the prime stress factor for cows: their metabolism is such that, depending on yield, they give off between 20 and 60 MJ of thermal energy per day. To prevent long-term exposure to heat stress in summer, fans must be kept running permanently for several months. VENTITEC® wide-area fans ensuring continuous air circulation offer the most energy-efficient solution.