Water Reservoirs

The primary function of water reservoirs is to optimize storage by preventing the loss of water through ground infiltration. The use of Tektoseal® geosynthetic clay liners, among other things, allows the accommodation of both constant and fluctuating water levels.

Storage basins

The primary requirement for storage basins is to maintain constant water levels (firefighting water ponds, bathing ponds etc.). Here, Tektoseal® lining systems provide a simple and effective means of water containment. By virtue of its exceptionally low water permeability (<7.9×10-8 [Gal/Min]) (y < 5 x 10-9[ltr/s]), the geosynthetic clay liner offers the ideal solution for minimizing infiltration losses.

Stormwater holding basins

Stormwater holding basins are designed to allow the controlled discharge of large quantities of temporarily stored water. Given that the lining system is the key element of such structures, particular attention needs to be given to the alternating high and low water levels: long periods of drought pose a significant danger in this connection as any drying-out of the lining system will impair its long-term performance. The problem is readily accommodated by the Tektoseal® RL-N bentonite mat, which, thanks to its bituminous coating, is particularly resistant to drying-out.