The focus of the Waterways segment is on the established system of man-made inland navigation routes (canals) as well as those rivers used for inland navigation. By extension, ports also fall under this heading.


For waterways, groynes serve to alter the channel cross-section, preserve the fairway and protect the bank. By reducing the hydraulically effective cross-section of flow, they increase the flow speed at mid-channel. HUESKER products are mainly used as components or structural elements for embankment-type groynes. Typical applications incorporate Ultimat® filter nonwovens, SoilTain® tubes and sand bags, and Incomat® concrete mattresses.


Revetments for waterways typically incorporate Ultimat® filter nonwovens as a filter and separating layer in place of mineral filters. This not only reduces the filter layer thickness and thus the material requirement, it also simplifies installation. It is also possible to use geosynthetic concrete mattresses as an alternative to stone revetments.

Bed protection

The Incomat® geosynthetic concrete mattress can replace conventional stone fill solutions as a means of bed protection for waterways, ports and boat landings. This allows a reduction in the required thickness of the surface layer.

Dams and dikes

Dams and dikes mainly serve the purpose of flood control and water containment. A useful alternative to conventional clay liners is offered by the geosynthetic product Tektoseal®. Other HUESKER products used in earthworks and foundations, e.g. Comtrac® reinforcement fabric, as well as Ultimat® filter nonwovens have also proved suitable for this type of application.