Geocomposite fulfilling reinforcement, separation and filtration functions

DuoGrid® is a geocomposite comprising either Fornit® or Fortrac® geogrids in conjunction with an integral nonwoven. The product thus combines the traditional reinforcing function of geosynthetics with other functions, specifically separation and filtration, as needed by the particular construction project.


  • Flexible and dimensionally stable geogrid
  • No “memory effect”
  • High tensile strength in conjunction with low strain
  • Suitable for alkaline environments, e.g. in conjunction with cement stabilization or recycled rubble
  • High resistance to chemicals and microorganisms in soil, UV radiation and mechanical damage
  • Good interlock due to optimum sizing of geogrid mesh to suit maximum soil particle size

Why choose DuoGrid®?

The low weight per unit area and high flexibility ensures the easy installation of DuoGrid® on site. Use of the geogrid/nonwoven composite assists the efficiency of site operations: no time need be lost by the use of multiple individual products to provide reinforcement, separation or drainage function. These functions are already built into the DuoGrid® product in line with project requirements.

Nor does DuoGrid® exhibit any “memory effect”, i.e. the fact that the geocomposite shows no tendency to roll up after laying; assisting greatly in the straightforward, trouble-free installation.

DuoGrid® is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.