Filtermat is a custom-designed, geotextile composite used for containment and filtering of contaminated liquids and sediments found on contaminated sites.

FilterMat™ is a patented multi-layer geotextile composite which may contain different density and size of fibers as well as different porosities with adsorptive particles distributed uniformly across the entire area of the geotextile. FilterMat™ can be produced with various combinations of filtration fabrics, high strength geogrids and wovens. Amendments include: activated carbons, organoclay, activated resins and Nonaqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL) adsorbent matting, all custom designed for contaminant control applications. Typical applications include capping contaminated sediments, containment curtains for dredging or offshore activities, containment of mining operations and runoff, and filtration of contaminated liquids in geotextile tubes.


  • Multi-layer design can target multiple contaminants in a single composite.
  • Mechanical entanglement of polymeric fibers ensures the active amendment layer is securely held in place during installation.
  • Wide rolls reduce the installation time and associated costs, and can be installed from the shoreline, from barges and marine vessels with the assistance of underwater divers.
  • High strength geotextiles can be added to improve tensile strength if required.

Why choose FilterMat?

Capping contaminated sediments using FilterMatprovides a cost effective alternative to dredging operations that are costly and can leave behind residual contaminants. In addition disposal of contaminated sediments may require onsite remediation or transporting offsite for disposal/treatment at an additional expense. HUESKER’s custom designed, multi-layer FilterMat can target multiple contaminants in one geocomposite.

FilterMatis a registered trademark of HUESKER Geocomposites, LLC.