High-strength geogrid for road base and sub-base reinforcement.

Fornit® is a bi-axial polypropylene geogrid used for the reinforcement of base courses (i.e. roadbases and subbases). It is manufactured, as standard, in three different tensile strengths. The product allows the optimised interlock with the typical materials used in the base course and subgrade layer of paved and unpaved roads. The Fornit® geogrid increases the bearing capacity of the subgrade and provides an immediately stable layer after installation.

Standard Fornit® bi-axial products:

Fornit® 20/20 – 1,370 lbs/ft (20kN/m) short-term strength
Fornit® 30/30 – 2,055 lbs/ft (30kN/m) short-term strength
Fornit® 40/40 – 2,740 lbs/ft (40kN/m) short-term strength

The strength and robustness of Fornit® 20/20 ensure that it fully meets the demands of most base course stabilization applications. Fornit® 30/30 and Fornit®40/40 can be specified in case of higher loads.


  • Polypropylene as raw material
  • High tensile strength in conjunction with low strain
  • Flexible and dimensionally stable geogrid
  • No “memory effect”
  • Suitable for alkaline environments, e.g. in conjunction with cement stabilization or recycled rubble
  • Good UV resistance due to polymer coating
  • High robustness and straightforward installation

Why choose Fornit®?

Being made from polypropylene yarn with a polymer coating, our Fornit® geogrid is highly resistant to installation damage and UV radiation. Field and laboratory tests have demonstrated the product’s longevity.

Moreover, the flexible geogrid exhibits no “memory effect”, thereby allowing its fast, straightforward and cost-effective installation.

Fornit® is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.