Geocomposite with extra-large aperture size and integrated, flexible nonwoven

GigaGrid® is a composite material comprising a high-strength, low-strain reinforcement grid with extra-large aperture size and a flexible nonwoven fabric bonded to the upper face.

After preparation of the formation, GigaGrid® is laid on the subgrade to be consolidated and covered with a 1 ft – 2 ft (0.3-0.6m) thick layer of sand, gravel, crushed stone and, in some cases, larger rock. During compaction, the fill pushes the highly deformable nonwoven component into the soft, cohesive subgrade. Porewater is simultaneously forced upwards through the nonwoven, which acts as a filter.

Further compaction of the fill causes the nonwoven to deform down between the longitudinal and transverse grid members to create an irregular contact surface and strong interlock. This serves to improve and accelerate consolidation of the subgrade below vehicular pavements.


  • Low installation damage
  • Speeds up consolidation
  • Irregular contact surface
  • Enhanced interlock

 Why choose GigaGrid®?

Being extremely quick and easy to install, GigaGrid® ensures that installation costs remain low. Moreover, the irregular contact surface creates a strong interlock and helps to reduce consolidation times.

Gigagrid® is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.