Geosynthetic concrete mattress.

The Incomat® geosynthetic concrete mattress comprises two high-tensile synthetic woven layers connected by a regular arrangement of variable-length spacers. The void between the two woven layers is filled in-situ with fluid concrete. Depending on the selected Incomat® type, this produces a permeable or impermeable concrete revetment of predefined, uniform thickness.

This combination of the synthetic formwork and concrete fill is the Incomat®system’s defining feature. It has been successfully used as an erosion control or surface sealing system since the early 1960s.

Product Types

Incomat® Standard: combined erosion control and surface sealing system, continous slab

Incomat® Flex: permeable revetment for high hydraulic loads, with in-built hinge zones to accommodate later settlement

Incomat® Crib: tubular lattice structure with high proportion of permeable apertures; ideal solution for ecological bank protection above permanent water line or for standing waterbodies, where vegetation is desired

Incomat® Filter-point: permeable revetment, particularly suitable for low or only temporary hydraulic loads


  • Short installation times
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Jointless construction possible
  • Permeable or impermeable, as required by project
  • Definable mattress thicknesses 3 in and 24 in (between 8 cm and 60 cm)
  • Underwater installation possible

Why choose Incomat®?

The Incomat® geosynthetic concrete mattress offers high resistance and lasting protection against erosion. The possibility of constructing impermeable as well as permeable revetments also makes it ideal for surface sealing applications.

The use of Incomat® eliminates the need for time-consuming formwork erection – whether on land or underwater – thereby reducing construction times and costs.

Incomat® mattresses can be reliably installed to the required thickness even on steep slopes or complex topographies.

Incomat® combines the advantages of a flexible formwork system which is adaptable to the profile of the base with the high abrasion resistance of a concrete revetment.

Precision manufacturing ensures the production possibility of tailor-made solutions for each project.

Incomat® is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.