High-quality, water-permeable woven for soil reinforcement.

Stabilenka® is woven with polyester in the longitudinal direction (warp) and with polyamide or polyester in the transverse direction (weft). The use of high-modulus polyester multifilament yarn and a special patented weaving process (straight warp) allows Stabilenka® to mobilize high tensile forces at low strains.

Stabilenka® is manufactured in ten standard versions with maximum tensile strengths up to 1000 kN/m in the main loading direction. Special models with higher strengths can be fabricated on request.

Stabilenka® was one of the world’s first geosynthetic reinforcement products. Since it was first used in 1974, Stabilenka® has proved itself on thousands of projects.


  • High tensile strength in conjunction with low strain
  • Low creep
  • High resistance to microorganisms as well as chemical and physical action
  • Integral separating function

Why choose Stabilenka®?

Thanks to its high-strength, low-creep properties, Stabilenka® can permanently accommodate high tensile forces even at low elongations. When subjected to a permanent load equal to 50% of the short-term strength, the low-creep yarn ensures that the creep strain does not exceed 1% after two years.

Stabilenka® thus lends itself to a wide variety of applications, such as earthwork reinforcement or sludge lagoon capping.