Reinforced nonwoven

Texgrid® is a reinforced nonwoven geocomposite which provides excellent filtration and separation properties along with high tensile strength. The nonwovens provide ideal filtration and separation properties and the high strength geogrid in the middle provides the necessary strength for the targeted applications. Its combination of nonwoven (increased surface friction, filtration, separation) and geogrid (high strength, low creep, high modulus) makes it one of our most flexible usable products.


  • High puncture and tensile strength utilizing multiple combinations of nonwoven polymer types and weights along with varying geogrid polymers and strengths.
  • Provides excellent interface friction and tensile reinforcement on slope applications.
  • Roll widths up to 24 feet (7.32 m) and lengths to 328 feet (100 m).
  • High resistance to soil micro-organisms and chemicals, UV radiation and mechanical damage.

Why choose Texgrid®?

Texgrid® offers filtration, separation, and high tensile strength in a single product which is more economical to install than individual geotextiles, and the wide roll width reduces the number of field seams, thus reducing the cost and installation time. Texgrid can be customized for many applications by varying the nonwoven weights and geogrid strength.

Texgrid® is a registered trademark of HUESKER Geocomposites, LLC.