Cargo Securing

Cargo covers and netting, protective meshes and tarpaulins to secure cargo for industry, construction, crafts and trades, landscaping and agriculture.

To secure freight consignments, HUESKER offers a range of protective meshes and tarpaulins for containers, trailers etc. Made of high-strength chemical fibres, the woven meshes and tarpaulins exhibit high flexibility that enables them to them to fit tightly to the shape and size of the cargo. Particularly for special and customized solutions, HUESKER is your partner of choice.


  • Possible materials: polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE)
  • UV-resistant
  • Breathable knitted fabrics, mesh fabrics and tarpaulins
  • Different weights per unit area on offer
  • Customized products available

Why choose HUESKER’s cargo securing products?

All our protective meshes and tarpaulins are manufactured from robust, high-strength materials and undergo continuous quality testing. In-house custom fabrication allows special solutions and sizes to be developed and produced to meet user needs.